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Ethiopian style water cups and a jug 5pcs

Ethiopian style water cups and a jug 5pcs

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5pcs glass jug with cup set tilet design 

1.Glass water cup 13.L jug with 220ml cup

2.The itraditional vessel for drinking tej is a rounded vase-shaped container called a berele, which looks like a Florence Flask.
3.Tej has a deceptively sweet taste that masks its high alcohol content, which varies greatly according to the length of fermentation.
4.Berz is a sweeter, less-alcoholic version of tej, and is aged for a shorter time
5.Tej is a mead of honey wine that is brewed and cunsumed in Ethiopia and Eritrea.honey wine
6.Popular drinks include locally brewed beer called tella and a kind of honey wine know as tej.
7.Tej is a wine made from fermented honey and a special kind of hops called gesho.


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